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SINCE 1902



Comfort & authenticity

in the heart of Paris

Built in 1902, Maison Chanzy is a traditional french guest house located in the heart of the 11th arondissement


Here, we offer : 

The Cottage Chanzy = Entire home of 5 bedrooms

The Apart Chanzy = Entire home of 2 bedrooms

Located in one of the Parisians favorite district,  

The 11th Arrondissement represents the cultural and artistic center of Paris with traditional cafes and gourmet restaurants where you can take part in the local life of Paris, full of intellectual vigour and vibrant culture.


Wander through French open markets or pop into authentic artisanal stores free from crowded tourist areas.

À propos

Live Paris at the time of the Art Nouveau

Maison Chanzy was inspired by the values of the French Revolution

– Liberty, Equality, Fraternity –

and the passionate team behind the restoration aim to ensure you’re hosted in individually decorated rooms that combine traditional fabrics & furniture with modern comforts.

Maison Chanzy is in honour of the man himself, an incurable romantic, traveler and inspiration to the arts.

Discover more about him below.


9, rue Chanzy 

75011 PARIS


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